Renshi Code of Responsibility

  1. Renshi serves as the Confidant of the Master of the Order of WWA.
  2. Renshi has the Master’s ear and can whisper advice in the best interest of the instructor.
  3. Renshi is the Spiritual Leader of the Yudasha – Renshi may be called upon to resolve conflict between schools and or individual Yudansha.
  4. Renshi is usually called upon to lead or assist with ceremony.
  5. Renshi is physically and technically skilled (It must be from Sandan and above).
  6. The Renshi acts as both Yojimbo (body guard) and Samurai (servant) to the Master.
  7. Renshi may be called upon to do logistics, travel, assistance and presence with the Master.
  8. When there are numerous Renshi attending larger events they should work in a coordinated effort to facilitate all duties without undo burden on any one individual.
  9. A Renshi’s attendance and presence should be a top priority, again a coordinated effort amongst the Renshi will once again not place undue burden on any one individual.
  10. Renshi are to demonstrate honor, respect, discipline, commitment and devotion and be readily apparent.