Many Arts • Many Paths • One Goal

W orld
W arrior
A lliance

The Goal of World Warrior Alliance is to bring like minded Martial Artists together. 

We drop the dogmatic way of thinking that there is only the way that you have learned in the past and now come with an open mind to learn something new, with the spirit you had when you first started the path of martial arts.

Share what you already know with us all as a family.

Inclusivity: World Warrior Alliance is open to individuals from all backgrounds, regardless of race, sex, culture, religion, or martial arts discipline. This commitment to inclusivity ensures a diverse and enriching community.

Shared Knowledge: World Warrior Alliance promotes the sharing of martial arts knowledge and principles among its members. It emphasizes the importance of learning from one another and gaining new perspectives on martial arts.

Invitation-Based: To maintain the quality of its membership, World Warrior Alliance operates on an invitation-only basis. Prospective members must be invited by an existing member, who acts as their proxy. This ensures that new members are genuinely committed to the alliance’s principles.

Mentorship: Member instructors offer mentorship and support to others within the WWA. This mentorship helps individuals grow in their martial arts journey.

Unity: Despite the diversity of martial arts disciplines and backgrounds within the WWA, there is a strong sense of unity and a shared goal of promoting martial arts principles to the next generation.

Public Events: The World Warrior Alliance supports public events, demonstrating its commitment to sharing martial arts with the wider community with NO FEE attached to them.

No Purchasing of Rank: Unlike some organizations where rank can be obtained through financial means, the World Warrior Alliance does not allow the purchase of rank. Rank is earned through dedication and personal growth and proper mentorship.

Annual Gatherings: Members come together annually for training, socializing, sharing, and learning. These gatherings serve as a way to strengthen the sense of community and recommit to the WWA principles.

The World Warrior Alliance is not just an organization but a community built on principles of respect, learning, and mutual support. It provides a platform for martial artists to continue their journey, connect with others who share their passion, and contribute to the preservation and evolution of martial arts.